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Originally Posted by dbldipp View Post
I am new here, thanks for all the great posts. I just started playing with my Super Pad today and am impressed with it completely. I can't find any registration number and it never er and it never asked for one. Whe I tried to update to the latest setup it says I ha ve the newest version. So I'm good there, I think. Has anyone else had the same happen? I got mine from China and was amazed at how quickly it got here to me in Ohio, from China 5 days. So now my question. Has anyone tried to install the Android 3.0 version or 2.2 on the flytouch2? I have both versions and have read that they are both much superior to 2.1 that they come with. The flytouch3 comes with 2.2 installed.
Hi Col,

Don't bother with the 'Update' app, it doesn't work, it always says you are on the latest version. Firmware updates and 'user improved' versions are available on other fora such as (am I allowed to say that here?) which solve various problems, offer super user privileges, improved speed, decent 3G operation, flash support etc.

If you're happy with the firmware you've got I suggest you stick with it. However if there is a feature you specifically want it might be worth the risk upgrading. Just remember the old maxim "if it ain't bust, don't fix it"...

(I say risk as there is always the possibility of 'bricking' your tablet.)

My experience (here in the UK) is I usually have to wait three to five weeks to get anything from Chinese sellers on eBay so, five days, you jammy beast, well done!

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