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Originally Posted by BigMamma View Post
I don't disable background data. Doing that doesn't really help with the battery, depending upon what apps you have loaded on your phone and if you keep 3G, 4G, or Wifi on all the time. Who walks around with 4G on all day long? Do you drive with your lights on during the daytime? Why would you leave a radio on that you are not using? If that's the case, keep all your apps open too. I don't use facebook or twitter because those things are just fads. What happened to Myspace? Yeah, what...who. If I want to talk to communicate with someone I will send them a text, shoot them an email, or just call them. Don't need a social networking site to do those things.

Well you do know most newer cars do keep at least part of the headlights on when the car is on whether its day or night right? And I could use your same rhetoric and say who walks around with 3G on all day. I would venture to say MOST people do. As far as 4G, I dont turn it on at all because with the penetration issues its pretty worthless for me. But even without it, I could turn the screen on on my Evo right now, browse the web for a few minutes and just watch my battery trickle like a balloon with a hole in it. THATS my complaints.

And YOU may not need social networking, but TONS of people do.. thus the main reason twitter and facebook are IMPLEMENTED into the phone.
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