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Originally Posted by novox77 View Post
Too much misunderstanding by this Engadget reviewer.

Camera app on Evo 4G was also a HUGE battery drainer. It's the nature of the live view processing. It's a huge battery drain on dedicated digital cameras as well.

The fact that the phone took 80 pics (duration of this photoshoot is unknown but is more important than the number of photos taken) and still lasted that long is actually impressive.

Glad to see others around here not taking these reviewers at face value.
They also did the exact same thing they did with the Evo last year - from the review - they left ALL the radios on except Bluetooth, the whole time.

Want to see an Evo (or even a Thunderbolt, using a totally different tech for 4G) have its battery life spike up?

Turn off the 4G radio when not using it.

This reputation plagued the Evo last year.

And Engadget says this is really no improvement.

Evo owners - note the review said the battery had some life after 8 hours. Show of hands - how many of your Evos last 8 hours with WiMAX on?

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