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Iv had my evo 4g since about a week after it came out mine is rooted and i do regulate whats on when needed and whats not. Currently i can go almost two days off medium usage mostly texting and data usage and it will be at 30% left at 1 day 22 hours. I live in a family that only own macs grandfather has an iphone 4 3 other macs an ipad and same goes for my parents. They all hate me because of the battery life of my evo. Then me and my uncle got talkin (who is also a PC pro man) we strongly argue that macs now a days are basicly what "cool" they arent the best, they are some of the most expensive devices you can buy, and they dont allow you to control much. So even my parents and grandparents only give me one answer when i ask them "Why did you guys buy all this stuff from apple?" They answer with "Because its apple."
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