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Originally Posted by novox77 View Post
Personally, I rarely use 4G. Why? Because I'm a working stiff. I'm at my office for 8-10 hours a day, and the company has wifi. That wifi is very easy on my battery and it's faster (especially upstream) than any 4G in this country. At home, my wifi on Fios is even faster.

So, the time in between work and home is my commute. My phone is in my pocket when I drive, so I really don't need ANY data connection. That's why my 3G is off.

Now, the only time I might need data is if I'm out and about on the weekends. And even then, if I were to use data, it would be to check my email or casually browse the internet. Neither of these tasks require a super fast connection like 4G.

If, some day, I had to transfer a big movie from my home PC to my phone, and I was out and about, then I would consider turning on 4G to speed up that transfer. But that use case is so infrequent.

Therefore, when someone says that a phone's battery sucks when on 4G, I say, "so what?"
I am in the same boat. 90% of my average day I am around a much faster Internet connection and use WiFi. Some people think "Well I pay for 3G/4G so I am only using that" where as I am just all about the fastest available connection. Now when I am out and about in the field I use 3G and 4G but know that if I am going to use 4g I better be charged up. And on occasion I meet friends out and laptops or tablets need internet and I turn on 4G and my Hotspot and watch everyone's mouths drop. Unless there is a damn Thunderbolt in the crowd. LTE smokes WiFi here.
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