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When a reviewer says that this doesn't qualify as good battery life, the problem is that they have an inaccurate expectation of how much power 3G requires. It's that simple.

If you leave an iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4 on 3G all the time, you have to charge it every day. Same with my Evo.

If your expectation is a 2-day phone, surely you don't need 3G while you are asleep? Android has apps that allow you to schedule your toggles. You can have 3G auto-shut off and on based on time, location, etc.

And you can use wifi during the day and night as well, which nets you a MUCH faster transfer rate and MUCH improved power consumption. Why WOULDN'T you use wifi where available...

3G draining battery (along with 4G draining battery) is only a problem for people who expect a 2-day phone with 3G always on.

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