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Originally Posted by Putty View Post
Well, your usage is most likely next to none. Are you even reading the reviews....I'll quote

"HTC gave the EVO 3D's battery a significant boost over the original EVO 4G, increasing its capacity from 1500mAh to 1730mAh. Sprint said they believed that the increase would help squash the well-deserved complaints about the EVO 4G's battery life. While there is a definite improvement, the EVO 3D still does not have what I'd call "good" battery life. Where the EVO 4G barely lasted through lunch time, the EVO 3D at least makes it past 5PM consistently. Under WiMax coverage, it definitely died off in about 10 to 12 hours. In 3G-only coverage regions -- with the WiMax radio turned off -- the EVO 3D performed only marginally better. Ranging instead between 14 and 16 hours from full charge to dead. Bottom line: charge it every night, and make sure you have a USB cable handy at all times."

"My biggest gripe with the EVO 3D is the wireless performance, It's bad enough that the WiMax radio barely worked, but add to that poor 3G performance, and poor voice performance, and you've almost killed off all the reasons to buy any phone. Crummy battery life doesn't help, either".

This has been consistent with most of the reviews..everyone isnt picking on the 3vo..personally, I am buying the phone anyway, but if I find the batt life is horrid, it's going back...simple as that. No way I'm locking myself back into 2 years and deal with 4g type batt life...I'll wait and get a vzw iPhone 4s/5
No my battery life is the norm for those of us that have tweaked the 4g to our benefit. . I have my brightness set to 30% or below, I have Always On Data Unchecked, and I use WiFi whenever I am near it. Also I changed my account sync schedules so they aren't always running. The biggest battery savers are the display brightness (especially after GB upgrade) and disabling always on 3G. Also the GB update really gave the battery idle power savings Steroids. So common sense dictates that if I do all of the following on the 3vo, which all reviewers said had slightly better to noticeably better battery life than the original, than I will enjoy some decent life on a day to day basis. Of course the first few weeks I will drain the battery with non stop testing and playing.
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