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Originally Posted by apinkel View Post
1x is CDMA but this is the first I'd heard it was 3G. Is that true?
According to the ITU, the standards body that decides which G is what, yes. You can find wags still calling it 2.5 - but it's 3G.

It's simply a data rate calculated at 1 times radio frequency, whereas updates after that performing multiplexing tricks got a faster data stream through that same frequency.

Edit: I think I see what you are saying... that CDMA2000 is a 3rd generation network technology which encompasses 1x as well as EVDO rev 0/a/b. So what I probably should have said was how can I switch between EVDO and 1x (and for that matter does that provide any battery life benefits).
No power benefit, it's a matter of what the radio hardware and firmware will support, and again, that's a matter of implementation. Your radio supports 3G as either 1x or EVDO, the way to get any power benefit is turn off that radio.
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