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Default Accessories

Yeah I like Best Buys version better than this one but I also have the seidio one for my EVO which I love cause it stays in the case while charging. If I sell my old accessories I'll buy the BB one. I love the prices though too at this site. I want the white pop case I think it's cool looking and I like it better than the HTC one and they both expose the whole camera. My guy friend just said that he thinks the ones that cover the camera better with just cut outs will protect better. I am ordering a couple different ones.Just can't decide right now. Some don't have pictures though.

What about this one it says built in stand and that you can have phone both ways with stand. Is it like a kickstand case like the HTC and Pop cases? I love Seidio too and can't wait till they come out with an Inncoase Active like I have now on my EVO. I need to decide now which cases I want.

The Vibe Slider case is the perfect color accent for your mobile device! This 1-piece slim hard shell case has a bold, high gloss finish with scratch-resistant coating to keep your case looking new over time. It is designed with a built-in stand to display your mobile device horizontal or vertical.

I'm curious about that case above.

I also have this bean bag car dock thing on my dash that I am going to use for this phone.. And I had an app called Car Home I got from the marketplace. Thanks for your input! I already ordered 3 extra batteries and 2 wall chargers from ebay. I want the Hybrid Tough Case too but there is one that says Pink/Black but there's no picture.. I like cases that cover the whole phone not where the top and bottom are exposed. I Some just show the back and not the front with the phone in it.

I already ordered the iGrip car mount (the only "made for" car mount out for the 3D), white POP Case and, black Tough Case from the site. What's nice is the payment is held until they actually ship the items. But how can you beat those prices?!

Seidio is prepping a whole line-up of custom accessories, as well.

If I were you I would hold off on the desk dock until someone other than Best Buy carries the slim version. It's awesome, but $50? Unless they have an exclusive deal, which they may because no one else even mentions it, you should be able to get a better deal in the coming weeks. If not, there may be another nice 3rd party dock to come out.

Also, if you like to use your Evo for music or navigation while driving, but hate the Sense car dock screen that won't let you access music or customize, you can Google the real gingerbread car dock .apk. Custom background, 18 custom shortcuts (3 screen), full access to SD card.[/QUOTE]
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