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Originally Posted by kev7554 View Post
I will be getting rid of this piece of junk as soon as possible. The phone has been the worst phone I have owned. Battery Life is horrible, had to have screen replaced twice, gingerbread is a big let down. Apps crash the phone constantly. Heading back to an Iphone as soon as a new one is released. You may not like apple but there phone and os destroys android. I had a lot of hope and wanted android to be better but its getting to fragmented and just lousy. Pulled my evo of of the charger at 6:30 this morning took 4 calls and moderately cruised the internet and it was dead at 2:15. Ohh and bye the way don't even think of turning on 4g.
Originally Posted by kev7554 View Post
Lol. Brother and a good friend both have the phone and they don't have as many problems as I but both agree that battery life is a huge issue and they both will be getting rid of when there contract is up. Everybody has different opinions and I am glad I have a choice but as far as I am concerned on a 1-10 scale 10 being the best.

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Originally Posted by EVU View Post
There are battery settings & apps that eliminate all of this.
It's a fallacy that Android phones eat battery.

MANY people who go to work & school get a ~ 8-12 hours of use out of it esp. with new GB update.
That's a 9-9 day for some. Can't ask for anymore than that.
Those that don't get that much juice are either not informed or haven't asked how to here.

You can see the # of battery life complaints have gone down to only those that are usually newer owners or newer posters who have never visited here.
Originally Posted by EVU View Post
I say most people don't experience what you do.
Must be the bad luck you have over you.
Wouldn't want to be near you that's for sure...
Originally Posted by slimbobaggins View Post
i don't have any of the issues you've named above with my evo. sounds like you have a bad phone
Sounds like kev7554 is trollin'. 4 posts and 2 of them are just to talk crap and say that he or she's getting rid of the phone?
Love the G-Note series!
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