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Originally Posted by EVU View Post
There are battery settings & apps that eliminate all of this.
It's a fallacy that Android phones eat battery.

MANY people who go to work & school get a ~ 8-12 hours of use out of it esp. with new GB update.
That's a 9-9 day for some. Can't ask for anymore than that.
Those that don't get that much juice are either not informed or haven't asked how to here.

You can see the # of battery life complaints have gone down to only those that are usually newer owners or newer posters who have never visited here.

I agree there are settings that will allow for better battery life and back when I first purchased the phone I was all over these forums trying to learn all the tricks to get better battery life and I did improve some. However most of the tricks were turn off 4g,turn off wifi,turn down brightness,set the apps to not auto sync. All the reasons I purchased the phone in the first place. In my opinion to get good battery life you must cripple the phone in many ways.

I am no Apple fan boy by any means but my wife's iphone 4 with moderate internet use and quite a few phone calls and pictures being taken will last almost 2 full days without hitting the charger. Now I know it has a smaller screen and thats one of the reasons that i with an evo.
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