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Originally Posted by kev7554 View Post
I agree there are settings that will allow for better battery life and back when I first purchased the phone I was all over these forums trying to learn all the tricks to get better battery life and I did improve some. However most of the tricks were turn off 4g,turn off wifi,turn down brightness,set the apps to not auto sync. All the reasons I purchased the phone in the first place. In my opinion to get good battery life you must cripple the phone in many ways.
Crippling or just not that important?

4G is not everywhere & like WiFi, it scans & then turns itself off not much battery cost there.
As for Autosync - I rather control the phone than the phone control me.
Seriously, does eveyone need that much email & text coming in every moment.

Even the President of the US, doesn't need info every second. Face it, we're & YOU are not that important!
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