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I've been through about 5 full charge/discharge cycles and had the phone at work for the first time today. "All carriers" have weak signal in my building, but T-Mo has the best, where my Sensation and Defy can manage to stay between -93dBm and -105dBm...poor enough to have accelerated battery drain compared to when at my house where both phones stay in the -51dBm to -63dBm range (Defy consistently has 5-10 dBm better signal FWIW), and the Defy will go 2-3 days between charges (longer on AT&T's network).

Well after pulling the phone off the charger at 6am, about 20min of Google maps, with traffic going in to work, about 20 minutes of my co-workers playing with phone, (2) POP3 email polling every hour along with (2) IMAP accounts, weather polling every hour and about a dozen or so 1-2 minute calls, my battery was only down to 75% by 4:45pm (per the built-in "Battery Info" app, shortcut created by Any Cut). I used Google Maps again on the way home for a solid hour, again with traffic, and battery was down to 57%. Bluetooth was on for the full 3 hour of my commmtue as well.

That's about my normal use for the phone, with the addition of checking a few stock quotes and forum browsing for about 1/2 an hour...I'd say the battery was good for 24-36 hours of "my normal use".
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