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Originally Posted by Dark Jedi View Post
How can you control pot better? Anyone can grow it anywhere. So how do you keep John Q. Public from growing his own? Many criminals dont deal in one drug.

You say pot does not provoke violence? I watched where a pot store in Cali was robbed at gunpoint. Yeah pot makes people so mellow. You dont see a drunk rob a liquor store at gunpoint for the booze.

I will have what you are smoking as it seems to make the world a better place.
You can brew your own alcohol, yet most people dont. Most people buy the regulated alcohol, that is taxed.

And, I have seen MORE THAN ONE instance, where an alcoholic has robbed for money to buy alcohol. In fact, it happens ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME... Now, my bet is, that robbery you are talking about, was to get that drug, and sell it on the black market. A black market that wouldn't be there IF it werent illegal.
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