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Default Prefix system rolled out to phones (and tablets)

We've put the prefix system into place on ALL phone forums that DID NOT have the old standard subforums in place (tips and tricks, accessories, support and troubleshooting).

Devices that have those subforums will stay as is. All new forums from now on will be given the All Things Root subforum automatically, and have the prefix set enabled on the main device forum.

It looks a little weird right now, seeings how no threads have prefixes, but as threads start to be created it will begin to look normal.

You can filter which threads prefixes you want to view at the top of the leftmost column, this will have the same effect as going into a subforum.

It will take some getting used to, but we're fairly confident the community as a whole will largely come to like it as it gets used.

We will roll this out to the tablet section as soon as it gets its makeover, which will be very soon. (DONE)

Staff: We have put mass-prefix-editing in place. Please, as you can, try to give prefixes to obvious threads. You should be able to see how to, it's pretty self explanatory with your inline-mod tools.

Hope all come to enjoy. Cheers!
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