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Default [OFFICIAL SOLUTION FAQ] Having trouble with your EVO 3D? Click here!

Hi guys and gals!

I am building a FAQ-style thread to reference the more common questions revolving around our new device, in an effort to cut down on repeat questions. If you wish to contribute, by all means, please do! I ask that we keep the replies in this thread relevant. As much as I would appreciate people posting how useful this is, I would like to keep the clutter to a minimum. The format will be: 1) The question 2) the answer and 3) the source thread (if applicable).

This is a forum-member generated FAQ to help people solve issues with their phones. The most commonly asked questions are highlighted in RED.

General help and information sources:

Generic Troubleshooting Steps:

Section 1 - Switching to the EVO 3D from a previous phone?

1.01) How do I transfer stuff from my old phone to my new EVO 3D?

1.01a) Need to transfer your contacts and calendar information?

1.02) I have another Android device with Google Authenticator, how do I move it?

1.03) I switched/upgraded my SD card, where did the sample pictures go?

Section 2 - General EVO 3D issues:

2.01) I can't connect with 3G [Official Solution]

2.02) The Sync icon won't go away!

2.03) How do I turn off the haptic (vibration) feedback?

2.04) How do I remove all the Facebook friend birthdays?

2.05) Can't find the USB Drivers to sync your EVO 3D to a computer? Where can I find HTC Sync?

2.06) My 3D pictures are showing two pictures side by side in 3D, how do I fix it?

2.07) Can I stop my text messages from previewing on the lockscreen?

2.08) How do I upload pictures and videos to YouTube or other apps?

2.09) How do I save my phone's contacts as Google contacts, so they save to the cloud?

2.10) I deleted the files on my SD card, where can I download them, again?

2.11) The ringtone/notification volume is too low, is there any way to make it louder?

2.12) Head phones causing songs to fast fwd/skip?

2.13) Apps and/or shortcuts to my SD card disappear, how do I fix that?

2.14) My battery doesn't charge to 100%! Even when plugged in!

2.15) I'm having problems with WiFi!

Section 3 - Archived Issues:

Section 4 - Advanced Techniques, Tweaks and Rooting.

A.01) First steps: Getting your MSL

A.02) Support Streaming Media through bypassing the Sprint Proxy

A.03) My voice quality is low, is there any way I can improve it? [Official Solution]

A.04) Connect to 4G faster and stay connected longer

A.05) What is Rooting? How do I do it?

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