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So I have called and complained several times about poor service in my area after purchasing a Inspire. Well I got fed up and went back to my BlackBerry and then thought to myself why did they sell me a phone that will not work in my area so I called and spent 40 minutes talking to someone in cancellations. He admitted they should have told me when I purchased the phone it would not work well in my area. I am really wanting to switch to Verizon because they have better service here. The guy told me there was nothing he could do but when I get the bill for the early cancellation fee I would have to take it up with receivables. He also said he sees where I have complained several times. I let him know that now my blackberry is not doing much better for service I am constantly dropping calls and loosing service when I travel up and down I5. My question is do I have grounds to get out of my contract without paying the ETF? I am a little nervous about switching because I would be paying about $400 if they try to stick it to me.
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