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Originally Posted by ScottColbert View Post
What it looks like and what it is are not the same thing. Simply because you think its Hauwei based on some article doesn't make it so, esp. when there's lots of other info debunking that.

There's no info debunking it.

Just because it has a different radio (GSM vs CDMA etc) means nothing. Are you familiar with the Samsung Galaxy S? The SAME PHONE is on every major carrier. It's called the Captivate on ATT with a GSM radio, it's called the Fascinate, the Vibrant, and the Epic 4G on the other carriers. The Epic 4 G even has a slide out keyboard. These all have minor variations and different radios but they're all the SAME PHONE at heart.

The info "syadasti" googled, is likely correct too.

Another clue is this phone is 299 off contract. Motorola's, Samsung's, HTC etc run at least 449-649 for a phone with similar specs as this off contract.

I get the feeling this thread is a bunch of little kids, thrilled to see a cool looking phone on their prepaid service, and not wanting to hear anything bad about it. Which is fine too a point.

The point is this is a rebadged Huawei, period. I have a feeling it might fit the needs of kids on a prepaid service just fine, but I also suspect it will have some quality issues compared to a "true" high end phone such as a Motorola, Samsung, etc.

Personally I will wait for a lot of reviews and user impressions before I would consider this phone. But then again, I'm a 36 year old man looking to maybe cut a cell phone bill down, not a kid.
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