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Originally Posted by MegatronVsMe View Post
I will keep mine until i get an upgrade, which this guy at the sprint store told me it would be 2 years....WTF? When i signed up i thought it was 14 months. He said they changed it and for them to just change it like that is F'in ridiculous...Anyone know anything about that? Yeah though, this is without a doubt the best phone i have ever used (yet) and i have had a ton of phones. 3 diff androids, all the iphones except 4 (whats the point) and this blew them all out of the water.
Sprint premier used to give the primary account holder a yearly upgrade. They split it into Sprint Premier Silver and Sprint Premier Gold. Only Sprint Premier Gold gets yearly upgrades. In order to be eligible for that you have to have been with sprint for 10 years or have a monthly base plan that is $89.99 for single lines or $169.99 for shared plans. If you don't get a yearly upgrade you can upgrade every 22 Months. Some people have had luck calling in and asking for 1 more yearly upgrade check out this Are any of us eligible to upgrade...
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