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Originally Posted by Emblazon View Post
I'm not really out of it, but just after using the browser, maps, and Music Beta, the phone (via Notifications Bar) has me down to 91MB of free RAM. Just seems really low when not much is going on with the phone.

I remember when I had my Treo, I would have to be constantly restarting the phone just to free up RAM. I understand OSs have come a long way since then, but it is still a little disconcerting.
As you hit the low water marks (there are several on the way down in free ram) Android gets more aggressive in memory clean-up.

And fwiw - there seems to be little going on from your point of view, but under the hood, Android has already pre-loaded stuff based on the stuff you're using so that when you want those services they'll appear to be instantly available.

That all said - do keep an eye on the Music Beta and keep an eye out for updates. It's not the most stable app and needs improvement in how it manages its resources. Like all things Google, I'm expecting them to make rapid improvements there. That's the one I'd be keeping an eye on based on comments from mods and friends who have been profiling it.

Android seems new, but it's really just Linux + the Dalvik Virtual Machine (VM) + Java apps that run within the Dalvik engine. So - all of the maturity of Linux and Java are there - leaving the heavy lifting of Dalvik up to Google and the apps themselves to their own devs.

It's not a perfect OS, but it is pretty darned good.
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