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Originally Posted by philerup View Post
Paypal finally asked me to send unit to seller for full refund after the case was under review for months.

@Slateblue, consider yourself lucky you found out before the seller shipped / before you accepted the package - I am still battling with seller 3 months later! Also, those buyers who got empty boxes must feel gutted. Just shows how lots of people on that auction site do not even know what they are selling as they are "dropshipping."

The UK seller could have known about the empty boxes but it was probably not the case. It was most likely un-scrupulous b2c platform sellers (like alibaba) that gave him a drop ship price that was too low to resist, then slowly built trust up, only to gut him by sending out clones, and worse yet, empty boxes!

The scam seller I bought from was also was sending out Android 2.1 Flytouch2 (not even the clone Superpad III) with fake froyo installed. Some buyers also complained that they received empty boxes as well! To be fair there probably are some honest sellers out there, but you must do your homework first. To summarize tips I've read on this thread:

1) Packaging:
Ask to see the box / packaging: Anything saying Superpad III / "Superpai III" is probablly a Sawee Clone and should be avoided.
2) Battery Capacity:
Check description for Battery Capacity; Real Flytouch3's have 8000mah batteries: If no battery capacity is noted, it is probably left out for a reason and you can assume it is only 3000mah-5000mah. Don't ask if it is 8000mah as they will say anyting to get a sale; You could ask, "What is the battery capacity?"
3) Firmware:
Ask what firmware version - (although heard the Sawee10 factory has changed the firmware name to Disco9 or Disco10 now).
4) Known Brand:
Safest bet is the iBex Flytouch3 Brand tablet as iBex / ************ first released the Flytouch3 (I believe OP found they had them first). ************ also stands by products with after-sales support and is a forum as it is a sponsor.

Going to place my order for 32gb iBex Flytouch3 or Facepad (leaning toward FT3) as soon as I hopefully get refunded.

Found this cool Flytouch3 resource page during my online searches...

Flytouch 3 - Jean Galea | WordPress Developer in Malta | Web Design and Web Development
You shouldn't be giving advice if you are unsure about what you are saying. If you get a superpad III it is good but you must make sure you buy a real superpad III, there are alot of fake Superpad III's and fake ibex tablets and fake superpad II's. It is shocking because the boxes look identical, the only way you can really know whether you are getting a good product or not is to buy from a trusted seller.

I bought a second tablet from the same people as last time and it is just as good as the first. It has the DISCO 10 firmware and is running tim 4e firmware (runs bbc iplayer and youtube from browser!!!).

I have horror stories of people buying fake ibex tablets with SAWEE operating systems. These fake sellers cause so many problems, just beware and go to someone that can offer you a warranty. If you buy from ebay you have Paypal and ebay protections so you can always get a refund. I would not buy from a foreign website because they would want you to return the item overseas (ehich can cost as much as the device) in order to get a refund. Then you can have customs problems like a friend of mine experienced. Ebay is probably the safest option (just avoid chinese sellers though).
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