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Originally Posted by Rose4uKy View Post
...Then it said mail still on server what does that mean? ... once I op;n it up they download right? ... What does download type mean it says by emails or days and it had all these days to choose from?
Email still on server means that it downloaded the headers of the message, which is enough to display it in your folder list, but the body of the message hasn't yet transferred to the phone. (I've had periodic issues with my old phone where some html formatted email's never do transfer fully, though that's rare). Why a test message wouldn't download is a mystery since by default I think it's set to download the first 25k of each message.

Yes it will refresh when you open the mail app if it's set to refresh on open (on by default).

Download type is how you want the phone to sync and store messages, i.e. the last X messages or Y days. The default is to sync and store the last 14 days of messages.

Now with all that said, I got my phone a day early because I was able to pre-order it. I did not have any trouble with my Yahoo! email until Friday afternoon. So I'm guessing that there's a technical issue behind this that HTC may have to sort out. It was caused by either one of the updates, or for some reason when everyone started adding their Yahoo accounts, that caused something server side that's keeping our email from syncing. This seems to be a common enough issue that there will be a resolution, but since it's the weekend, I'm sure it'll take a few days.
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