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Originally Posted by syadasti View Post
The Iphone 4 uses a Samsung processor rebadged as an A4 - its been this way from the beginning for Apple and only changed slightly with them buying the other company (Intrinsity) that helped in designing their processors. Even the current A5 in the iPad 2 was designed mostly with Samsung's expertise - not Apple's. Think different, think again.

Samsung Wave features iPhone 4's A4 Processor

Samsung-Intrinsity Apple A4 (S5PC110A01) - CPUlist | - Comprehensive Database of Smartphone, PDA, PDA Phone, PNA, netbook & Mobile Device Specifications

Its pretty funny that Apple is trying to sue Samsung when they are the people behind the processors that run their devices - without Samsung they'd be nothing.
d'oh I hate to make two posts in a row, but I'd like to the quote to be intact...

iPhone is the very last one that will use anyone else's SoC, which is why they bought those two design companies the other year and all the new ARM based devices are using an Apple design, well a tweaking internally of what they've licensed from ARM. You're the very first person that I've ever seen attempt to assert that their new SoC is really just a Samsung, and IIRC all Samsung is doing on the SoC now is fabbing it for them.

As to the various suits yeah, it's kind of funn Apple suing Samsung mobile division when they're so reliant on their electronics division for manufacturing so many of their components, etc.

Anyways, I stopped drinking the koolaid long ago and haven't touched an Apple product in about 7 or 8y now and saved a bundle of money. They really got me when a) they didn't let you strip down power macs so much any longer and b) made their mobile device batteries non-easily user replaceable plus their lies wrt support gaming, i.e. letting M$ swipe Bungie, etc.

At this point I really feel that Apple is just coasting, but that they might continue along so long as Jobs is around, but I'm betting once he's gone they're going back to their usual tank, uptick, tank, etc. cycle, and suing even more companies for cash inflow.
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