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Originally Posted by astrobill View Post
Disagree. There are other issues being reported in this (and other) forums with this update. And one poster said that Sprint is concerned enough about them that they've halted the rollout while investigating (not sure if that's correct, but that's what a poster in here says).

I'm waiting and NOT installing Gingerbread on the Shift for now.
the loading screen is NOT the only issue. I am among the small group that is experiencing other issues, my email no longer works. now using the yahoo mail droid app, which works MOST of the time, but not all the time; it occasionally has the issue that the oem mail app has after the update.
others are experiencing text-pic issues, and a few other random things.
i was experiencing the loading screen issue on occasion, but after a factory reset and reinstallation of all my apps, i havent seen the loading screen one single time since.

I say get the update. if you have issues, save everything to your pc, do a factory reset, then reinstall everything and load everything back from the pc. most likely you'll have 0 issues. even with the email glitch I'm having, I like gingerbread way better than 2.2. my gps is even 100% flawless now, which is perfect cuz I use it about 5-8 hours per day for work
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