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Originally Posted by syadasti View Post
If you think that a company can design and manufacture a new generation of chip in less than one year (the first A5 application, the iPad 2 was announced on March 2, 2011 and had already been in production since it was selling them by mid March), you are severely mistaken (The deal closed in Late March 2010 and was announced on April 27 2010 - Apple did not have any of Intrinsity employees on payroll according to the SEC filing until April 2010).

It typically takes AT LEAST a year develop a new processor - the A4 developed with Samsung took around 12 months and is a more simple design than the A5. Therefore its easy to say Apple had no role in the design of the A5 - its just not possible to design and get a product to market that fast. Apple claims that they did since they bought the company, but it was not Apple's work, it was wholly Intrinsity's. Apple uses baseless market speak like this all the time (they are notorious for calling units shipped to stores as sales to talk about product success even though they haven't necessarily been sold to end-users and they also like to clump all iDevices together in some press)

Its a fact that the A4 and A5 are both made by Samsung and Samsung had a large role in the collaboration with Intrinsity for both the A4 and the A5. Samsung's Orion/Exynos was launched prior to the A5 and shares much with it (it does use a different GPU, but neither company designed the GPU they use).

Exclusive: Apple A5 vs Samsung Exynos 4210 SoC Die Shot Comparison |

AnandTech - Going Out of Order: Samsung Announces Orion Cortex A9 SoC

Think different, think again - its the truth and Apple has never truly innovated if you actually follow the history of ideas they've touted over the years as their own.

Adding to how wrong shark is in this thread, I personally bought the Newton 120 when it came out and use horrors like Graffiti for input. What a waste of time and effort that purchase was.

Some good advice for Apple and especially Steve Jobs:

YouTube - ‪bill hicks on marketing‬‏
They didn't. They bought TWO fabless design houses that had ALREADY licensed ARM IP and had ALREADY been working with them, which is why they were purchased.

Oh, and BTW Samsung will shortly no longer even be fabbing the SoC that Apple will be using. A6 is slated for 28nm TSMC fabbing...

Better start bailing on your arguments, and while you're quoting second rate sites check out EE Times and other professional analyses of teh A4 & 5 design...
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