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Originally Posted by snowcrash View Post
I am getting a Photon when they finally come out. Was going to buy the EVO 3D and have been dying with my crappy Samsung Moment just waiting for it to come out. Read the horrible reviews and figured I should wait and try went to the sprint store this weekend to check out the EVO 3D. I hated it!!!! The 3d gave me a headache and some of the pictures made me dizzy....if you want to see what it feels like just stare at the tip of your nose and feel yourself going cross-eyed! I know people are saying just use it in 2d, but the screen looks much dimmer then even the old EVO thanks to the 3d layer on top..and the viewing angle sucks in 2d as well. Add in that you end up with a 5mp camera and a big ugly useless double camera sticking out the back and I was done!

I will never buy another Samsung phone after the moment...they are horrible with updates and I think their GPS system sucks....even my friends Epic had a crappy GPS, although they claimed to have fixed it. My GPS is useless...but on the EVO I sometimes use it is perfect. Does Motorola have a decent GPS??

Serious advice to anyone...go use the EVO 3D before buying one...look at some 3D pictures in the gallery, watch the movies etc. If it doesn't bother you then buy it..the 3D effect is pretty cool....if you are like me you will pay not to have to see it again. I think we could use the Evo 3D in place of waterboarding to get people to talk. Remember I wanted to buy one and loved the specs.
Hahaha...I got dizzy too! But, at the same time, I didn't mind the 2d settings. I do agree that the viewing angles of the 3d screen did kinda have a weird effect, even in 2d.

Nontheless, I'm just happy they announced the photon prior to releasing the 3d because I didn't jump the gun and place a pre-order.
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