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Default Cloned Flytouch 3 tablet PCs from China on Ebay UK

Originally Posted by androidexpert View Post
You shouldn't be giving advice if you are unsure about what you are saying. If you get a superpad III it is good but you must make sure you buy a real superpad III, there are alot of fake Superpad III's and fake ibex tablets and fake superpad II's. It is shocking because the boxes look identical, the only way you can really know whether you are getting a good product or not is to buy from a trusted seller.

I bought a second tablet from the same people as last time and it is just as good as the first. It has the DISCO 10 firmware and is running tim 4e firmware (runs bbc iplayer and youtube from browser!!!).

I have horror stories of people buying fake ibex tablets with SAWEE operating systems. These fake sellers cause so many problems, just beware and go to someone that can offer you a warranty. If you buy from ebay you have Paypal and ebay protections so you can always get a refund. I would not buy from a foreign website because they would want you to return the item overseas (ehich can cost as much as the device) in order to get a refund. Then you can have customs problems like a friend of mine experienced. Ebay is probably the safest option (just avoid chinese sellers though).
To be honest, because tablets are trending in the UK, right now, this has bought all the dodgy sellers out of the woodwork, who have tried to invest in the Chinese tablet market and, make a quick buck.

Most of them, do not even know much about the shady products they are tying to sell and, the descriptions and details of the device's in question are evidence of this! Of course, there will be some genuine sellers out there, but from what I could see the other day, not many. They all have the same really bad selling technique and use bad language with poor graphics to describe there devices for sale.

Additionally, they are very shady and, tell lies when the need arrises so they can kill the sale. They all struggle to have 100% feedback. None of them show pictures of packaging, unless the device is a Superpad 3, or give all the details of the device in full, as ************ does! This is just to protect the sale of their cloned machines. Personally, I would rather go with buying Chinese than, putting my trust and hard earned cash into the pockets of some of these highly dubious drop-shippers who take advantage of innocent or naive buyers in the UK tablet market by abusing ebay.

It is my belief, that the Ibex Superpad 2 Flytouch 3, and their other devices are much superior and, they are marketed in a much fairer and user friendly manner! If most of the buyers in the UK, using ebay, were aware of this thread, there would be less sales of most of the rubbish that is flaunted at this time.

As for getting a refund from some of these sellers, it is like getting blood from a stone so sometimes, you would have been just as fast to RTB in China. At least they know what they are doing with delicate electronics over there!
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