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Originally Posted by forthedroid View Post
I do not know what the fascination is with these falsely advertised knock-off Flytouch3's to re-iterate my point from a few posts ago, check this post out:

Need your help to identify and resolve errors in this tablet

The proliferation of iBex Flytouch 3 clones is not ethical and misleads the consumer.

Here is a guide for telling whether or not you are about to order a fake flytouch3:


Description makes zero reference to: the Battery size!
Ibex Flytouch3's have 8000mah batteries - 16gb versions do as well vs. Non-iBex tablets have 3000-6400mah batteries.
This is why non-iBex Tablets tend to be $10 cheaper on average. The crucial difference is 3-4 hours less of battery usage.


If the description does not have a picture of packaging, then it is probably a clone and the seller is trying to "hide" something.

Many buyers have fallen victim to bait and switch. How would you feel if you bought some Nike Air Jordan's only for $150 only to get them and find out they were made of pleather (not leather), had no arch support, and started falling apart at the stiches after the 2nd week of wearing them? Pretty pissed right? My friend bought a clone tablet and this is the analogy he gave me.

If the box says Superpad III or Superpai III it is definitely a clone. Superad II is the Flytouch3, there was never a Superpad III....(no Android 2.3, or Android 3.0 FT3 has been released yet).

Superpad III: Buyer Beware! Superpad III, Flytouch 4 are NOT Flytouch 3 - Only Clones!!

The link above has a link to the Genuine iBex Flytouch 3 packaging - Note: the package does in fact say "Superpad 2 Flytouch 3."

3) NOTE on Jpad Sawee10:

If the box says Japad or Superpai (i instead of d, what ******s, heard of spell check?), then RUN Away!

This is the c-grade buggy clone of the iBex FT3. First link details many problems.
Yes, i wish i would have read this How to tell fake Flytouch3 guide before losing all of my money to ebay/paypal/dishonest chinese seller!
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