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Originally Posted by syadasti View Post
P.A. Semi had nothing to do with the Samsung/A4 or A5 chip - it was all Samsung and Intrinsity and those sites I posted used the same UBM analysis that the EETimes did, so what is your point again?

Samsung, Intrinsity pump ARM to GHz rate

Updated: Samsung fabs Apple A5 processor

Apple did not have any significant role in the A4 and A5 - it was a collaboration between Samsung and Intrinsity. Why don't you find something from EEtimes that says otherwise, its your argument that is weak since all your got is personal assumptions, no articles.
I don't have to. You just did it for me with those two articles.

Neither one even so slightly hints at the design of the A4, A5, or A6 and furthermore just points out to you what I already told you: Samsung is FABBING the SoCs for Apple.

Bust this is my last comment on this subject as some people are just never happy unless they can find or manufacture a downside.
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