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Originally Posted by isja693 View Post
OHonews6 - did you try my gmail/yahoo solution using HTC mail?
No I did not. That seems like a whole lotta hoops for something that should be relatively easy. I will look at it now though just so I can say I tried it. My brothers solution is to use his gmail account to check all his email accounts and then just check Gmail on his android phone. That may be easier than the whole asia setting thing.

I wonder if you change the region to asia will the default app work without forwarding.

Will report back shortly.

You are correct after changing the region to asia I can POP the yahoo account. It may be a good fix for others but not an ideal fix for me. It still hits the account as POP so the inherent issues with POP in general are still there. Maybe I can make it work until a fix gets here.

EDIT: Be careful if you try this. Even though I checked leave message on server gmail puled the email off the Yahoo server. I just lost everything newer than Dec 2010 on the Yahoo server.
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