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has anyone bothered to REALLY compare the two phones? It's not hard at all.. Just download large front-on images of both phones from the internet (there are plenty of high res pictures of both phones to choose from) Load them on separate layers in photoshop or the free Paint.NET image editor. Make your top layer 75% transparent or so.. now start resizing the top image (while keeping aspect ratio!) so that the screen lines-up with the other device screen.

What will you see? (yes, I've done this). Some stuff lines up.. other things don't. For example, the first think you will notice is that the capacitive buttons are in a totally different order... not a big deal to change in the android build, sure... but certainly not a simple "rebranding". Second. the location of the speaker for the phone handset lines up pretty well (although the openings are different shapes). The front facing camera lines up pretty well also. However, the case of the Huawei is taller than the MOTO. Also, The microphone on the Huawei is placed lower than on the MOTO.

Now, yes.. they are similar devices. However, There is another possible explanation for what's going on here.. Both devices use the same Qualcomm SOC (System On a Chip)... Which explains the very similar specs. Qualcomm (like all electronics manufacturers) doesn't just design a SOC and phone platform and throw it over the wall and say "good luck!" It is VERY common practice to issue what is called a "Reference Design". It is basically a fully executed product based on the Qualcomm components that gives designers a starting place. NVIDIA is a great example of this. they issue a new graphics chipset and a reference design to go with it. then 100s of small-time graphics card companies grab the reference design and build it AS-IS.. or maybe with some slight tweaks.

If I had to guess, that's what I think happened here. Both phones are based on the same SOC and Qualcomm reference design, so they will have nearly identical specs, and some commodity hardware. In some areas each company made some changes to suit what they wanted (location of the microphone, for example).

Just my $0.02.

Now, I should add a disclaimer... I very well could be 100% wrong... The motorola might just be a new housing wrapped around the EXACT same PCB and components found in the Huawei... But I don't think it's reasonable to ASSUME this is what happened simply because the two phones look KINDA the same.
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