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Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
now if could just get the fastboot command to work
I think the problem is in the DOS/FAT32 code inside the bootloader - it is probably very primitive code, judging from the fact that it barfs on anything but DOS 8.3 filenames, and in scary's case - only made it part way through a write before it squeaked about not being able to finish a cluster write.

Probably if you backed up your SD card and formatted it, the fastboot command would work, as there would be huge gobs of empty, contiguous space on the SD - and a clean, nearly empty VFAT32 table(s).

I think your hexdump of your "miscpart.img" is going to look identical to mine, up to a possible difference in the "Main Version" number. (You are on Verizon, right?)

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