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Originally Posted by Slug View Post
True that, which makes you wonder if HTC's software engineers are having problems squeezing it into 256MB less RAM? If so it would be ironic considering I've been running 2.3.3 with Sense 3.0 (essentially the Sensation ROM ported to HVGA) for weeks. If that can be done then surely the "experts" with access to the propriatory Sense source code can do a better job?

Or is it? It was, then HTC announced that it wouldn't be updated due to space constraints, quickly followed by a retraction saying it would but with some content relegated to optional downloads. Since then... nada.

I pray I'm proved wrong, but right now I have a feeling that HTC will say whatever they think their users want to hear. First the so-far unfullfilled promise of unencrypted bootloaders, now this.... I'm not sure if I trust them any longer tbh.
I am 100% positive that it is possible to give the HD and Z the full blown feature set that is sense 3.0 and Android 2.3.3 seeing as the Virtuous Unity rom delivers exactly that!

I just feel that HTC is releasing so many new phones now that they are dropping support for their previous flagship phones way too early. My wife got Android 2.3.3 on her HD, but she has only got a few of the new addition from sense 3.0 otherwise the GUI hasn't changed.

Either that or we who purchased a Desire HD/Z got the 'bridge' phones which were released to fill the gap before the Incredible S and Sensation which are the current top of the hill models.

Originally Posted by Bigsmoke View Post
I don't get it, why is everybody crying about not getting Gingerbread? When you do get it I bet you won't be able to tell the difference...
Sense 3.0 looks really nice and is a big change from sense 2.1 as well as bringing bug fixes and optimizations.

Android updates will improve phone performance and fix security issues and bugs.

Why wouldn't we want to update?
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