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Originally Posted by burgertime View Post
To me it's just a market that can easily be taken advantage of. I've noticed a lot of corporate types moving to the iPhone and their companies even getting them it for business use. I mean the iPhone for business? I'm not a hater and think it's a great phone but for business? With Blackberry loosing sales left and right I would think Sprint has to see this as a chance to really set the market ablaze and this phone has everything you need to really get it over with your average white collar guy. I was trying to think of any Android phone that was really pushed as a business first phone...has there been? If not, why? I mean it just really makes no sense that someone wouldn't push an Android for the corporate world and slyly put down Blackberry. Just my two cents.
I know for sure that the company I work for has people using iPhones for business use.

Can't think of a single android phone that was pushed for business purposes. Only reason I can think that it hadn't happened yet is due to "security" reasons. Seems like Motorola thinks they've found the answer to that, with the added security they threw on the Photon.
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