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Originally Posted by rscarawa View Post
I have the same problem with a white connection. I could be 3 feet from my access point, the phone sees it but will not connect to it. I then open web apps and they error out with no network connectivity. Then a few minutes later, it turns green. What makes it do that, I do not know. Been a problem since I owned the phone. All other home wireless devices work fine when my Nexus signal is white.
This specific issue with WiFi is essentially the same thing, however in this case it could happen for another reason: you simply haven't waited for the access point to authorize your phone on the network. It usually takes slightly longer than your normal PC WiFi connection.

If you've already connected, but not used WiFi for a while, the issue might be like I described in the last post, but you might be able to resolve that one:

Your router should have a setting for "time to live" in "hops" (usually, or it might just give a specific period of time). You can adjust this to a higher number.

This is the number of tries your router will give to reconnect with the devices on your network after it stops receiving a signal from them (specifically a call for download/upload). Normally, it's 30 minutes.

Keep in mind, increasing this might actually end up reducing your phone's battery life because it will result in keeping the connection alive for longer after you've stopped using it.
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