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Originally Posted by jntdroid View Post
can you link the site?
i hope you can read indonesian because google does a terrible job of translating it. Kaskus - The Largest Indonesian Community - View Single Post - [OFFICIAL LOUNGE] CSL Mi410 aka Mia (OEM by FOXCONN)

this page does have some good news. the oem is not huawei but foxconn the makers of ipod/iphone/ipad and so much more.
huawei apparently is doing the same thing motorola and all the other phone manufacturers are. the above user @armstrom was right the foxconn layout is called foxconn device code FB400.
also it appears there are already gingerbread custom and stock roms (2.3.4) out for the huawei x6's. and apparently multitouch is fixed in gingerbread.

@syadasti i want to apologize. i posted the information you quoted from google. im sure if you can dig up that review or news post or blog or whatever it was you would see my screenname squallz506 or dexter as those are the only ones i use. now listen here kiddies

the qsd8255 and the msm8655 are almost identical. first off the qsd8255 is known as the msm8255 in the western world. and all msm8x55 chips have the same core, the same clock speed (1ghz), the same tech 45nm, the same adreno 205 gpu, etc. both are second generation snapdragons. google it. the 8655 is cdma and supports ev-do rev. 0 and A, the 8255 is strictly gsm. that is the only difference! i was suprised by how many sites quoted my unauthenticated information so i had to set it straight.

i believe there is a chart on qualcomm's wiki that confirms that they are the same Snapdragon (system on chip) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia there it is

what else. there was something else. oh yeah, apparently huawei brought the x6 to cincinatti (how the **** do you spell that?) as the ascend x and t-mobile is getting it as something else. lets hope the western releases are somehow updated from the asian ones. but i doubt it. but remember the oem is not huawei but foxconn this is not a rebadged huawei but probably a design made available by foxconn that phone manufacturers around the world are using. lets hope motorola did something special.
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