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Originally Posted by rickthestick View Post
So can anyone else verify the camera green tint issue in bright sunlight? I would appreciate someone taking the time to help me out.
Thanks, Rick
I am having the issue with green tinted photos on my Evo 3D as well. I see it to some extent in just about every picture I've taken. In most cases, it's subtle and not all that noticeable. But, yesterday we went to the beach, and the green hue is VERY noticeable on every photo I took. It's not at all subtle, and, well, it just plain looks bad. Basically, the sand which should be a normal beige sand color, looks green. The white caps on the waves also look very green. I took all of these pictures in bright sunlight with the white balance set to auto. I also tried taking a photo with the white balance set to daylight. Manually changing the white balance gave everything a purplish hue, and masked a lot of the green, but didn't actually eliminate it.

Here's a couple of sample photos, straight out of the phone's camera....

From looking at the issue and taking an educated guess, I'd say it looks like a software issue. But, some folks seem to have had luck in exchanging their phones and seeing the problem disappear. Does anyone who's done an exchange have any before & after shots to look at? I'm fine with exchanging the phone if it will solve the problem, but don't want to bother with it if it's a software issue.

I love this phone, but the camera is an important piece for me, so I hope this issue can be taken care of.

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