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Originally Posted by chicknlil View Post
I picked up a Viewsonic Viewpad 7 the other day, primarily to be able to remotely update a website when I'm away from my computer. So far, I'm loving this device, but I've noticed a few little quirks that I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced. I have rooted the device, but not put any ROMs on as yet. Maybe my "issues" can be fixed that way - I haven't tried that yet.

Baseband version: PR3.7_125
Kernal version: Apps_2.6.32.9
Build number: 1008_3_240

Quirk 1 - The Orientation: Works fine when I use the default launcher (which is perfectly usable). In trying either ADW Ex or LauncherPro though, everything is fine when the device is horizontal (the assumed default position), but turning it 90 degrees puts everything on the screen upside down. Again, no issues like this with the default launcher.

Quirk 2 - Browser Scrolling: Periodically, regardless of which browser I use, the screen (typically in gmail) will not scroll at all, which is problematic. Yes, I know I can use the app version, but I want to have full access to downloads and be able to more easily copy/paste items.

Anyone else with this device notice anything like this, or any other quirks I may not have noticed yet?

As I said, I really like the device, and I've found the battery life to be superb (battery is at 85% after 12 hours of moderate usage). Neither of the two quirks above are dealbreakers as their are clearly workarounds available...more just trying to get a handle on if this is just how it is, or if there are known fixes.
my default launcher is turning every application into portrait and stuck in that position while the home screen is always on landscape, is that normal?, did mine have different default launcher or something else is wrong?
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