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Originally Posted by rscarawa View Post
I see no setting on my Linksys router called 'Time to Live' under Wireless.

I feel this is a defect in the phone regardless. When an app needs to use the network, there should be a "Wake the hell up" funtion to start up networking if it is sleeping. Response time is unacceptably slow.

I believe "keep alive" settings are generally going to be available on higher end routers. Your everyday linksys firmware probably wont allow you access to this type of option because is not necessary to the average user. I would also assume that the power saving features that turn off the radio when idle would be built into the kernel directly and would not have an option to modify it either. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

Also, this is a Google Dev phone, they are gonna test all sorts of shit on it. I wouldn't say anything about our phone is a defect, just a working progress. You have to expect a buggy phone to an extent, like my phone reading everyone's RFID cards while i'm in public, have to keep that thing turned off for now.
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