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Originally Posted by 2strokenut View Post
Am I the only one who thinks the Photon is a little over-hyped right now? It has the Tegra2, a locked bootloader and overall looks to be playing catch-up to the 3vo and SGS2. I think the World-phone aspect is pretty cool but overall not really impressed. Maybe I'm just too excited for the Evo3d lol
I wouldnt say that, Im pretty much for keeping a phone stock unless the system is rendered unstable(which is sadly happening to my EVO since updating to GB). So the locked bootloader doesnt bother me. Idk anyone but myself who really knows about this phone coming out.

I personally have had 3 bad Samsung phones in a row so Im not a fan of them. 2 were just simple camera phones that had hardware issues in only a year of owning them after having a Motorola phone last 4 years on me. The other was a smart phone and we know how well Samsung does at keeping the software up to date for those. My EVO(until recently) was the first phone I have liked since my Motorola.

Im not too into the EVO 3D. I mean sure it has some beast specs and could do anything I would ever need it to but Im not into the 3D feature(I dont like 3D movies either) and the lack of a kick stand is disappointing. I do watch a lot of stuff and browse TT while on lunch so the kick stand does come in handy.

That being said and as much as I want this phone Im going to try to hold out on my EVO as long as I can because once a root is found for the GB update Im bailing on it ASAP. Its been nothing but problems that a factory reset didnt solve.
Never forget before buying a phone Motorola breaks their promise of updates.
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