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Originally Posted by busted bones View Post
Im not too into the EVO 3D. I mean sure it has some beast specs and could do anything I would ever need it to but Im not into the 3D feature(I dont like 3D movies either) and the lack of a kick stand is disappointing. I do watch a lot of stuff and browse TT while on lunch so the kick stand does come in handy.
This is almost my entire reason for not jumping all over the Evo 3D. Spec wise its perfect but I just dont want the 3D on my phone for some odd reason. Im not a fan of it, it serves no purpose for me. Id rather that space/memory/whatever be used for something else Id like rather then 3D. Theres also a lot of talk on how 3D movie sales at the theater are starting to drop. The honeymoon might be over. If the overall public starts deciding with their wallets that 3D is only a gimmick then the value of a 3D phone with no 3D apps/games/etc is nill.

I dont know. Maybe Im alone on this one, but Im holding out for the Photon or SGS2 or anything else with similar specs, dual core and a nice resolution screen.
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