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Originally Posted by Camika View Post
If your phone drops 30% while on a call its either
A: Your proximity sensor isn't turning the screen off during a call.
B: You are in a bad coverage area
C: You have an app running in the background of which you need to close for Force Stop.

Did you pull your phone off the charger as soon as the light turned green or was the phone sitting on the charger of which you unplugged the phone and left the house? If you unplugged the phone and did not plug it back in your phone wasn't fully charged in the first place.
I wasnt on a 30 minute call. It was a 5 minute call. The proximity sensor works fine, and I'm in a great coverage area. Maybe It's something running in the background but I doubt ir. I'm anal about making sure I close apps out when I'm done. I dont know, maybe I have a bad battery.
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