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Interesting indeed. I just checked my Evo - it's charging at 4.2 V, if I'm to believe System Panel.

My 3vo got very hot charging last night - that comes and goes - but as mentioned in another thread - I could have had a minor scalding to my ear, I took a call while it was hot. That was on the 1A wall charger. I noted at the time that it was 103 degF per System Panel.

Just checked my 3vo - System Panel said charging from 4.28 to 4.31 V but the battery is cool now at 88.7 degF - that was USB charging at 0.5A from my laptop.

Now that I think about it - it has gotten hot every time I've used the wall charger - but pretty sure never while USB laptop charging.

Interesting indeed.

I have retitled this, added a poll, removed the prefix - and made this a sticky thread.

In my opinion - this is serious.
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