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Originally Posted by died4u525 View Post
So I downloaded an app to check on this battery issue because I have noticed that my phone does get hot, although it doesn't seem to be consistent. I don't know whether that's normal or not. When it does get hot, its usually the glass or plastic that covers the cameras that gets hot. I just charged my phone. It was 50% charged when I plugged it into the wall. The highest it went as far as mV is 4357mV and the temp went no higher than 93.3 degrees. As a matter of fact the temp went up and then as it continued to charge it came back down. It stayed around 91.5 degrees for most of the time spent charging. I'm going to continue to keep an eye on this for a while. And I just looked at it now. It's at 99% charged, 4357mV and 90.1 degrees. Sounds good to me. I'm using Battery Monitor Widget, by the way. It doesn't feel hot at all, this time. I had WiFi turned on and was using my WiFi connection at the time it was charging but had GPS, 4G and Bluetooth turned off. And my phone is not in a case. I only have a Zagg Invisible Shield on it.

I'm just wondering, shouldn't HTC or Sprint or somebody be able to use software to not allow the phone to charge above 4.2 volts? I don't know much at all about these kinds of things but it seems to me that they should be able to use software to restrict that or is that not something that can be done with software? Just curious.

This is my very first post here. I figured it was time, since I've been kind of lurking and picking up tips since just before I got my EVO 3D on launch day. So I just wanted to say hello and thanks for all of the useful info I've gotten here.
I wish they could just change it. Sprint, HTC, or anyone, can charge a battery at more than 4.2 volts... the problem is, the battery can't take more more than 4.2 volts. It's in the chemistry of the battery. If they could get their hands on a battery that can handle 5 volts, they would... unfortunately it's just not technologically possible or feasible with the current technology of liIon. If the battery currently in the phone held twice the capacity and stayed the same size, it would benefit us all... but its not possible. They can double the size of the battery and it will hold twice as much capacity, or they can make a 2 cell battery that can handle 8.4 Volts, but each of those options would double the size of the battery. LiIon/LiPo is cutting edge for cells phones (price per unit, performance, etc.)... at least for the time being. At least we're still not back in the NiCad days, or even NiMH.
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