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Originally Posted by Vanquished View Post
From When I got the app to a full charge (Device was at about 50% when I started charging it though):

--81.5F @ 72% - 70F (Room Temp.)
--78.98F @ 89% - 70F (Room Temp.)
--78.8F @ 97% - 74F (Room Temp.)
--80.96F @ 99% - 74F (Room Temp.)
--80.6F @ 99% (Green light) - 74F (Room Temp.)

It doesn't say the voltage anywhere. I'm assuming it's anout where it should be based on the temperature of the battery.

I'll watch some movies and play some games and then use the wall charger and see what I get.
Very good... heat and decreasing battery are symptoms of high voltage, but so are many other things. They are just symptoms, which it sounds like you don't have. Checking voltage is just a fast and easy way to rule out if it's a voltage problem if you are experiencing symptoms. If your phone is running well and you aren't experiencing any issues or concerns, that is good. It wasn't clarified if the voltage issue was a problem with a small amount of Evo 3D's or many... I guess we won't know until/if it is acknowledged...

If you concerned, check the voltage... there isn't a grey area with the reading... you are either over voltage or normal. Doesn't hurt to check, but don't worry about it if you don't feel you have to, that is my opinion.

My phone didn't run hot all the time, just a lot of the time, and it came and went. So I started trouble shooting, turning off all radios, gps, apps, etc., and eventually checked the voltage. It was just a fast and easy way to find the source of the problem. Sounds like you aren't experiencing symptoms, and are trouble free though?

When I posted my original comments, I didn't want anybody to freak or jump to conclusions or panic (not that you are).... just to know if they were experiencing heating and/or battery issues, voltage WILL cause that, and it's one of the easiest things to eliminate from your list by simply checking. Hopefully it's just a small number of phones, and not a widespread issue.
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