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Originally Posted by Lindz5223 View Post
I just got this phone for Metro PCS and have a couple of questions.

1) I downloaded the 2.2 update and now the time/weather widget is gone. I can't find it in the widgets, there is a clock but it's analog. How do I get this back? I've read that there is one you can buy but I'm not buying something that came free on my phone in the first place.

2) When I'm ending a call, it makes me hit "menu" then "end call," is there a way to change that? My boyfriend has a Motorola Droid and the menu is already up. It just seems like too many steps to hang up a call.

3) Also when I'm editing a contact picture, it says I can use the social app. but when I click it, it just takes me to a list of internal phone files. Nothing to do with facebook. Anyone know anything about this?

Any help would be grateful.
Hello, Lindsey, welcome to the forums! Let me see if I can help.
1. I'm on Cricket and we don't have the update, but if you can't find the weather clock in the widgets, I'm guessing they left it out of the 2.2. Just go to the market and search for "weather clocks". There are plenty of free ones that are better than the one that came on the phone anyway.
2. The button on the bottom right on the phone is used as the end call button. I like having an actual button to press instead of an on screen button. That way you really know it when you hang up on somebody! Lol
3. I don't do Facebook, so somebody else will have to help you with that one.
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