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Originally Posted by lordofthereef View Post
One of the biggest plagues of modern MMOs is needing a $1000 rig to play the game smoothly. There are simply too few people willing to invest in a great gaming machine. I'd rather the graphics suffer a little than have a dead community.
What modern MMOs are you talking about that needs a $1000 rig to play it?

The most computer intensive MMO out there would probably be AoC, and they are even reasonable.

Most games no longer have much "massive" about them, as they are for the most part over instanced, and completely separated scenario style games.

As far as the WoW comparisons mentioned, WoW was (is) a compilation of the best parts of older games, with a few new sprinkles of gamer dust on them, the new generation has turned that game into the end all be all.

MMOgamer mentality is much different then it was in the past, so if you are someone that started during the beginning years (saw someone mention AO) then most of these games will offer no depth, and SWG is no different.

The graphics are very 2004ish, yes to get people with crap machines to be able to play, but it is 2011, almost 2012 when the game releases... lets move on.

character creation is awful

if you like stories and quests, it'll be fun for you.. if you like pvp and massive game depth (outside of story, i mean character building and questing) don't even think this game will tickle you happy at all

the game 100% comes from the spawn of WoW and Warhammer online

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