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I agree with Cooper about getting rid of Lookout Anti-Virus. As long as you take precautions regarding downloading apps (only from the Android Market or Amazon Appstore, reading and understanding the app permissions and decide whether that kind of app really needs that permission, and reading app reviews and checking how many people have downloaded the app, there is not much need for an anti-virus).

Our Transforms don't have as much RAM as newer, more powerful phones so we have to be selective as to which widgets to use or which ones to launch as an app (or browser shortcut if poosible) or whether there is another similar widget that uses minimal RAM. Basically, since you have now reset the phone to factory settings, slowly install widgets to see which ones take up a lot of RAM and which ones don't which you can then leave on your home screen. For example, I have now added and tested the Google+ widget and determined that it can be left and used on my home screen as it has not slowed my phone down though I switched my Springpad Large Widget to a Springpad Small Widget to compensate for the additional widget. Finally, try using Facebook by launching it as an app (or a browser shortcut to the mobile facebook site) and not as a widget or try using Friendcaster (I do) instead of the official FB app and trying it's widget as well.
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