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Default Video Documenting Camera's Green Tint Software Issue

I was playing around with the camera last night and noticed that I could "introduce" a green tint issue when futzing around, and was actually able to document this in video:

YouTube - ‪HTC Evo 3D Green Tint Exposure Control Bug‬‏

As you can see, my assessment is that it's a software issue instead of a hardware/optics issue -- the camera gets the color balance/rendition correct at one moment, and with a slight adjustment in the scene's light metering, the green tint very obviously kicks in, particularly at 0:14 where the exposure doesn't even change very much.

Consequently, my thought is that all Evo 3Ds probably experience this as it's software produced, and that it only appears in certain light metering/exposure circumstances. Owners experiencing green tint issues, I doubt a new phone would rectify the situation.

Thoughts? Analysis?

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