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Originally Posted by GDauti1981 View Post
Before the infuse, I had an iphone 3G S and then the iphone 4. Honestly, I forgot how the battery life was on my 3G S, but I would definitly say that thus far my iphone 4's battery life exceeds the infuses.

That being said, I think the smartphone manufacturers should start focusing on developing better batteries instead of making the phones more powerful.
And here lies the iOS vs Android debate...

Manufactures focus on features instead of battery life because these things we call phones are much less phones than they are mobile computing devices.

Going from iOS to Android, you must be aware that iOS largely protects its users from poor memory & battery management by locking down the OS and limiting the features your able to do on your phone. (Anyone that's hacked their iPhone can attest to this)

The problem I see with many users going from iOS to Android is that they don't understand this concept and immediately download all the awesome annimations, widgets, and apps they can get thier hands on the instant they get the phone....and then are upset when their phone craps out in less than 5 hours.

So yes, I agree with you in that it would be nice to see some focus put on the battery technology......but you can't ignore the user side of the equation too. As a user, you need to set your expectations realisticly. You need to understand that with every app / widget you install...for every feature you add to your phone, your making an equal sacrafice in battery life & memory managment.
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